07 December 2012

ACR–Charities Should Not be Forced to Enter this Political Wrangling

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Following today’s White House call with nonprofits and charities, the Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR) released the following statement:

“ACR refuses to go along with the White House’s request for charities to insert themselves into the debate over tax rates. Our priority is to preserve and protect the charitable deduction. Throughout his first term, President Obama has proposed reducing itemized deductions, including the charitable deduction, in multiple budgets and other spending proposals, and never voiced concern over the impact of his plan on the charitable sector. Neither the ill-conceived Republican proposal of placing a dollar cap on deductions that would include the charitable deduction nor President Obama’s repeated proposals to limit charitable deductions would be good for charity. They both should be off the table. We should not be forced to choose between two bad options. Charities and those who give to charity should not be forced to enter this political wrangling. We call on Congress and the White House to set aside all proposals to cap or limit the charitable deduction.”

ACR is a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable and is comprised of nonprofits leaders and groups that serve as a leading voice on opposing legislative or regulatory proposals that could diminish private giving.

For more information about ACR contact Alison Hawkins at ahawkins@philanthropyroundtable.org or at 202-822-8333.