21 March 2013

ACR Praises Senators Thune-Blunt Amendment to Protect Charitable Deduction

WASHINGTON, D.C.— An amendment to protect the charitable deduction was introduced today by Senators John Thune (R-SD) and Roy Blunt (R-MO), making an important statement that the charitable deduction is unique and must be protected. The Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR) strongly supports this amendment as a critical pathway to protecting charitable giving.

The amendment was offered during today’s debate of the Democrats’ FY2014 budget. The budget in its current form includes language that could harm charitable giving by significantly slashing unspecified deductions and credits, such as reducing the charitable deduction. The amendment would protect charitable giving by exempting the charitable deduction from being cut, capped, or limited to pay for increased government spending in this budget.

“Today’s amendment is an important step for the charitable community because it sets the charitable deduction apart as different from all other deductions,” said Sandra Swirski, executive director of ACR. “The charitable deduction is not a loophole and it is not like all other deductions because it encourages individuals to give their money away for the benefit of others. If the charitable deduction is cut, capped or limited, the recipients of charity will be the principal ones that will feel the pain. We applaud Senators Thune and Blunt for their strong support of the charitable deduction and we call on Congress to commit to this proposal in tax reform and every other budget measure going forward.”

In his floor statement, Senator Thune said, “Madam President, we ought to be exploring new options to expand charitable giving rather than limiting the charitable deduction in order to fund higher levels of government spending.”

Senator Blunt followed, saying “our religious institutions, our charities, our hospitals, our museums and others come together to take private resources and meet a number of community needs that are met in the best possible way by people who are doing that through a charitable effort…feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, serving the poor, educational institutions of all kinds undertaking critical research, money that goes to either help operate or actually support museums and parks. These are all the kinds of things that Americans do because they give to charity.”

To see the full floor speeches on preserving the charitable deduction of Senators Thune and Blunt, click here and here. To read the full amendment, click here.

ACR, a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable comprised of nonprofit leaders and groups, serves as a leading voice on opposing legislative or regulatory proposals that could diminish private giving.

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