Charitable Deduction

ACR News 04.17.15 -  ACR Submits Recommendations to Finance Committee

>> Federal: Washington Roundup
>> Federal: ACR Submits Recommendations to Senate Finance Working Groups
>> Federal: Tax Reform Momentum Shifts
>> Federal: 2016 Presidential Candidates Emerge
>> Federal: ACR Webinar
>> Consider This: Wait and See
>> Top Reads: On Tax Day, Sen. Wyden Issues Call for Reforms

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ACR News 04.03.15 - Two Senators Retire, Congress (Narrowly) Extends Charitable Deduction Deadline

>> Federal: Washington Roundup
>> Federal: Influential Senators Announce Retirement
>> Federal: Congress Passes Narrow Charitable Extension
>> Federal: Ways and Means Update
>> Federal: ACR Contributes to Finance Committee Working Group
>> Federal: House and Senate Pass Budget Resolutions
>> Federal: Come on Down!
>> Top Reads: Congress Offers One Last Chance to Lower Your Tax Bill

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(Blog): What’s My Line?

In the opening session of the 2015 ACR Summit for Leaders, we had a bit of fun with messaging around the charitable deduction while conveying the critical importance of communicating to Congress that this part of our tax code must be protected. In this session four speakers delivered four different messages about the charitable deduction and audience members voted for the most persuasive message. The presenters and moderator were all members of the Charitable Giving Coalition, which has provided a unique and unified voice on Capitol Hill on issues affecting the charitable deduction since 2009.

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ACR News 03.20.15 - Ways and Means Member Resigns, Budgets Unveiled

>> Federal: Washington Roundup
>> Federal: Budgets Silent on Tax Reform
>> Federal: Ways and Means Member Resigns
>> Federal: Public Policy Guidebook
>> Federal: ACR Summit
>> Top Reads: Nonprofit Tax Changes Are Possible This Year, Says House Official

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ACR News 03.06.15

>> Federal: Washington Roundup
>> Federal: Rubio and Lee Release Tax Reform Proposal
>> Federal: Working Groups Set Timeframe
>> Federal: Senate Hearings Continue
>> Federal: Hatch Discusses Tax Reform Progress
>> Federal: ACR Summit
>> Consider This: The Effect of King v. Burwell on Tax Reform
>> Top Reads: The Lee-Rubio Tax Proposal

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ACR News 02.20.15 - House and Senate Advance Charity Legislation

>> Federal: Senate Finance Committee Approves Charitable Bills
>> Federal: Tax Reform Talk Continues
>> Federal: ACR Summit
>> Consider This: What is the end game?
>> Top Reads: Obama Budget Again Calls for Limit to Charitable Deduction

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ACR News 02.06.15 - Hot, Warm, and Cold

>> Federal: Washington Roundup
>> Federal: Ways and Means Approves Charitable Bills
>> Federal: Charitable Proposals in Budget a ‘Mixed Bag’
>> Federal: Chairman Hatch Announces Working Groups and Timeline
>> Federal: ACR Summit
>> Consider This: Hot, Warm, and Cold
>> Top Reads: Obama Budget Again Calls for Limit to Charitable Deduction

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Philanthropic Achievement of the Week

2007: Healing the Upper Midwest

The business triumphs of Denny Sanford allowed him to retire to Florida at age 45–but he was soon itchy and returned to the upper Midwest where he had spent his entire previous life. After further commercial successes, he started giving away money. He turned his attention to the Sioux Valley Hospitals and Health System, beginning with a $16 million gift for a children’s hospital designed like a fairy castle. With his $400 million donation in 2007 (the largest single gift ever made to a U.S. health-care organization), the nonprofit was renamed Sanford Health. Sanford Health now includes nearly three dozen hospitals and more than 140 clinics, centered on South and North Dakota but spread across eight states, making it one of the largest rural, not-for-profit health systems in the nation.

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Mixed Signals From the President in Budget Proposal

Exempts Some Charitable Giving From Increased Taxes But Still Recommends Cap

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR) issued the following statement upon the release of President Barack Obama’s budget proposal for fiscal year (FY) 2016.

“The charitable community is receiving mixed signals from the White House about charitable giving,” Sandra Swirski, executive director of ACR, said.

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ACR News 01.23.15 - SOTU, What it Means for You

>> Federal: ACR Summit
>> Federal: Washington Roundup
>> Federal: Republicans Reject Obama’s Proposals
>> Federal: Ryan Holds First Hearing, Outlines Committee Agenda
>> Federal: Chairman Hatch Unveils Tax Reform Working Groups
>> Federal: House Democrat Unveils Tax Proposal
>> Consider This: Ships Passing in the Night
>> Top Reads: 5 Policy Moves to Watch in 2015

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