ACR News 04.17.14—Tax Extenders, Budget, ACR Webinar

>> Federal: Tax Extenders Take Center Stage
>> Federal: House Budget Vote
>> Federal: ACR Webinar
>> Top Reads: Charities Critical of New Federal Giving Rules

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ACR News 04.04.14

Camp to Retire, Tax Extenders Advance, Some High Praise Offered

>> Federal: Camp Announces Retirement
>> Federal: Tax Extenders Move Forward
>> Federal: Ryan Releases Budget Blueprint
>> Consider This: Some High Praise
>> Top Reads: GOP Tax Reform’s Effect on Charitable Giving

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ACR Blog: State Lawmaker in Michigan Looks to Reinstate Charitable Deduction

Due to the lack of action on federal tax policy, many states have taken on the task of rewriting portions of their tax code.  Michigan is just such an example.

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ACR News 03.21.14 - It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride

>> Federal: Reactions to Camp’s Draft Continue
>> Federal: Tax Extenders Activity Expected Soon
>> Federal: ACR Summit Wrap Up
>> Federal: Private Giving and George Washington’s Library
>> Consider This: It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride
>> Top Reads: Tax reform puts charity on the chopping block

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Live Blog: 2014 ACR Summit for Leaders

This is a live blog providing updates from the 2014 ACR Summit for Leaders.

We’re just a few minutes from starting. We’ll have a few opening remarks followed by the congressional panel.

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America’s Philanthropic Spirit Thrives on Freedom, Not Mandates

By Adam Meyerson

The Philanthropy Roundtable is deeply concerned about recent remarks made by Aaron Dorfman, executive director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, before a leading regional association of grantmakers:

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ACR News 02.07.14 - Summit Sessions Set, SOTU, Baucus Confirmed

>> Federal: Tax Reform
>> Federal: Baucus Confirmed as Ambassador to China
>> Federal: Debt Ceiling
>> Federal: Koskinen Testifies Before House Panel
>> Federal: Sessions Announced for the ACR Summit
>> Federal: State of the Union Recap
>> Consider This: Could Tax Reform Rise From the Dead?
>> Top Reads: The Roots of the Tax Reform Act of 1986

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Philanthropy is under fire even as private giving increases

By Howard Husock

The report by The Chronicle of Philanthropy that the top ten philanthropic gifts in the year past totaled $3.4 billion, and that there were more gifts of $100 million or more in 2013 (15), than in 2012 (11), serves as a reminder of American generosity.  Indeed, U.S. charitable gifts total twice as large a percentage of gross domestic product (2.2 percent) as the next-closest country (the United Kingdom, 1.1 percent.)

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ACR News 01.10.14 - What to Know for 2014

>> Federal: Tax Reform at the Beginning of 2014? Not likely
>> Federal: The Debt Ceiling
>> Federal: Wyden-Thune Letter
>> Federal: Date for ACR Summit for Leaders Announced
>> Federal: Preview of the 2014 Winter Edition of Philanthropy Magazine
>> Consider This: Leadership Change and Tax Reform
>> Top Reads: White House Tax Plan Would Be Grinch For Blue State Charity

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Philanthropy and Solving Public Problems

A Preview of the Winter 2014 Edition of Philanthropy Magazine

Today is the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty and the occasion is being marked with his daughter, Lynda Johnson Robb, attending a ceremony on Capitol Hill. While the effort to combat poverty over the last half century has been significant, there is no denying that the problem continues. As the New York Times recently noted:

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