01 January 2015

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Since 1917, America has recognized the value of the charitable deduction, which has served as the bedrock of our altruistic society and is a model for the world. It must continue as a fundamental tenet of our tax system.

Towards that end, we will oppose any legislative proposals that inhibit or diminish private charitable giving, which includes speaking up for a strong charitable giving incentive during tax reform debates. To learn more about ACR’s guiding principles for tax reform, please click here.

To learn more about the charitable deduction, we recommend you watch the video below of a lively panel discussion at our 2015 ACR Summit for Leaders in which four specific arguments supporting the charitable deduction are presented.

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Latest Developments
09/09/15 ACR Responds to Bush Tax Reform Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR) issued the following statement upon the full release of Governor Jeb Bush’s tax reform proposal.

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08/13/15 Charitable Giving Coalition Asks Hillary Clinton to Reconsider Cap 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s college tuition plan, which would be funded by limiting the value of itemized deductions, including the charitable deduction, the Charitable Giving Coalition released this statement.

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06/26/15 Charitable Sector Reaches Out to Presidential Candidates 

The Charitable Giving Coalition (CGC) – a group of over 60 national nonprofit and foundation organizations, including ACR – will contact every officially declared candidate that is featured in major polls for the 2016 election for President of the United States urging them to support the full preservation of the charitable deduction.

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Recent proposals to eliminate or alter the charitable deduction:

  • President Obama has proposed limiting the charitable deduction for high-income earners in several proposals over the past few years including his FY 2016 budget.
  • House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp’s (R-MI) “Tax Reform Act of 2014” includes a 2% floor on the charitable deduction.

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Recent studies, reports and polling information on the impact of changes to the charitable deduction from a variety of sources.

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Recent opinion and thought pieces by experts, scholars, and leaders in (and outside) the nonprofit sector on the charitable deduction.

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Quick Downloads
Following are additonal resources on charitable giving.

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