11 February 2013

We Hope Congress will Recognize the Charitable Deduction as Different

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR), a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable, released the following statement in advance of this Thursday’s House Ways and Means Committee Hearing on charitable giving incentives.

“As Congress begins to look at the tax code moving forward toward tax reform, we hope the charitable deduction will be recognized as different from all other deductions,” said Sandra Swirski, executive director for ACR. “The charitable deduction is the only deduction that encourages people to give away their income for the betterment of our communities. Any changes to the charitable deduction could deeply impact charitable activities across the country.

ACR recognizes the difficulties our leaders face in addressing our growing economic problems. But at a time when charities are still trying to recover in a sluggish economy and are stretched thin by trying to do more with less, now is not the time to consider fixing our financial woes on the backs of charities. We applaud Chairman Dave Camp for gathering the voices of all those testifying at this week’s hearing. We hope Members will come away with the resolve to protect the charitable deduction.”

David Wills, President of the National Christian Foundation, will testify on behalf of ACR.

ACR is a project of The Philanthropy Roundtable and is comprised of nonprofits leaders and groups that serve as a leading voice on opposing legislative or regulatory proposals that could diminish private giving.

For more information about ACR contact Alison Hawkins at ahawkins@philanthropyroundtable.org or at 202-822-8333.