21 February 2013

A Philanthropist’s Take on the Ways and Means Hearing

The House Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on February 14, 2013, to discuss charitable giving incentives as it relates to tax reform. The hearing consisted of testimonies from dozens of individuals, urging Congress to maintain the status quo and protect the charitable deduction.

Among these individuals were three noteworthy philanthropic players: Dave Wills, Brent Christopher and John Ashmen. Wills, who testified on behalf of ACR, is the president of the National Christian Foundation; Christopher is the president and CEO of Communities Foundation of Texas; and Ashmen is the president of the Assocation of Gospel Rescue Missions.

We had the privilege of speaking with these three upon conclusion of the hearing. The over-arching theme? Protect giving. The charitable deduction provides incentive for donors to give, which in turn provides services that are benefitting many who would otherwise go without, both in America and abroad.

Wills, Christopher and Ashmen offer great insight on what their organizations accomplish through donations, the effectiveness of the charitable deduction, and how best to move forward.

It was exciting to hear their take on the hearing; we hope you enjoy. Please listen closely as the halls of Congress were certainly abuzz!