03 April 2013

Oregon legislature proposes bill to end charitable tax deduction

We talk a lot about the charitable deduction being at risk at the federal level. But lately, states have also been struggling to find revenue and have considered turning to cuts or even eliminating the charitable deduction. Take for example a new bill in Oregon that would do just that. Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) introduced a bill that would allegedly end most itemized tax deductions, including those allotted for charitable contributions (you can track the bill here.) As one might expect, this has created some unrest in Oregon’s charitable community.

News reports have highlighted this concern– nearly 30 nonprofits met with State Representative Jason Conger (R-Bend) on March 29 to voice their concerns, as reported by the Oregon Catalyst. “Ninety-five percent of our budget comes from private donations,” said Kristy Krugh, executive director of Ronald McDonald House of Central Oregon, in the article. “We could not exist if this bill inhibited, in any way, the ability for our community to give us the money and items we need to support our facility.”

ACR believes we should be doing more to encourage giving, not less and we share Krugh’s sentiment. The charitable deduction is one way we encourage more giving and therefore should remain in place. Donations allow charitable organizations to prosper and operate with efficiency and success, providing more services for those in need. Rep. Conger has vowed to fight the bill in the Legislature.

As situations like the one in Oregon arise, we will keep you posted. For more information on the charitable deduction, visit our website.