Congressional Links

U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
House Committee on Ways and Means
Joint Committee on Taxation
Senate Finance Committee
Thomas (Legislative Information from Library of Congress)

Tax Info & 990 Reporting

Internal Revenue Service Charities & Non-Profits: Private Foundations

Philanthropic News/Blogs

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Tactical Philanthropy
Smart Assets: Philanthropy New York Blog
Philanthropy Journal
Philanthropy 2173

Reports and Studies

Infographic: Charitable Giving in America (compiled by the Charitable Giving Coalition), 2012
Government and “Scaling” Nonprofits: The Implications of an Expanded Federal Role, 2010
Foundation Center Report on Giving to Minority Communities in California, 2008
STATS Report on Greenlining reports

Essential Readings

Evelyn Brody & John Tyler How Public is Private Philanthropy: Separating Reality From Myth, Second Edition, 2012
Sandra Swirski & Scott Walter, Crowding Out Private Money: Why A Growing Government Undercuts American Philanthropy, March 2010
Adam Meyerson, Sunshine for Philanthropic Freedom, Summer 2010
Adam Meyerson, The Generosity of America, January 2010
Adam Meyerson, How Foundations Should and Should Not Be Held Accountable, Fall, 2009
Adam Meyerson, NCRP’s Narrow and Arbitrary Criteria, Spring 2009
American Philanthropic Diversity: What it Means, Why it Matters, 2009
Adam Meyerson, California’s Regulatory Wildfire, Summer 2008
Adam Meyerson, Expanding Our Commitment to Philanthropic Freedom, Spring 2008
William A. Schambra, Compensating Foundation Directors?, Winter 2008
Adam Meyerson, Red Light on Greenlining, Winter 2008
Adam Meyerson, We’re Not Signing It: Our Concerns About Independent Sector’s “Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice”, November/December, 2007
Adam Meyerson, An Open Letter to Independent Sector on its Draft Principles of Self-Regulation, January/February 2007
Adam Meyerson, The Continuing Battle on Capitol Hill, January/February 2006
Irving Kristol, Foundations and the Sin of Pride: The Myth of the Third Sector, 1980

Charitable Community Links

The Philanthropy Roundtable
The Philanthropic Collaborative
Council on Foundations
Association of Small Foundations
Panel on the Nonprofit Sector (Independent Sector)
Foundation Center
Foundation Center Directory Online

Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers
Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers
Associated Grant Makers
Arizona Grantmakers Forum
Colorado Association of Funders
Conference of Southwest Foundations
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Council of Michigan Foundations
Council of New Jersey Grantmakers
Delaware Valley Grantmakers
Donors Forum
Donors Forum of South Florida
Donors Forum of Wisconsin
Florida Philanthropic Network
Gateway Center for Giving
Grantmakers Council of Rhode Island
Grantmakers Forum of New York
Grantmakers of Oregon & Southwest Washington
Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania
Indiana Grantmakers Alliance
Iowa Council of Foundations
Maine Philanthropy Center
Minnesota Council on Foundations
New Mexico Association of Grantmakers
Northern California Grantmakers
Ohio Grantmakers Forum
Philanthropy New York
Philanthropy Northwest
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Southeastern Council of Foundations
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